Grand Master   Vesna Jugović

Vesna Jugovic is a highly accomplished professional in permanent makeup and microblading, known for her groundbreaking techniques and contributions to the industry.

She became a master of the prestigious PhiAcademy in 2014 and established the first official PhiAcademy in Vienna, Austria, in 2015.

Vesna Jugovic’s innovative approaches, such as “PhiShading Basic”, “Phiperfection” and “Perfection Phishading,” have revolutionized the field. She was recognized as the “Best Master in the World” in 2017 and achieved the title of “Grand Master,” solidifying her authority. She continually seeks professional growth, mastering Microneedling in 2021 and earning the title of “Grand Master of Honour” in 2022.

Vesna Jugovic’s influence is evident in her ranking as the third professional on the “Phitop List” and her mentoring of over 30 masters in the PhiAcademy community. Her contributions have positively impacted countless individuals, enhancing beauty and restoring confidence.

Vesna Jugovic’s dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence continue to shape and inspire the industry.

“The principal art of the teacher is to awaken the joy in creation and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein.

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