Calling all Microblading Models

Do you want to get a professional microblading done at a reduced price? In our salon in Vienna there is always the possibility to act as a model for one of our trainings.

This is to give our students the opportunity to practice microblading on a live model. However, you do not need to worry about the quality of the microblading! Our Grand Master Vesna Jugovic pre-draws the brows and the students trace them under close observation. So the results are still flawless, even though you are dealing with beginners.

However, there is one requirement that you must meet in order for us to consider you as a model: You must not have any old PMU or microblading.

If you are interested in being a model in our salon, please send us a photo of your natural eyebrows before your treatment appointment. We need to check how light and dense your eyebrows are and whether you are a suitable model.

On the day before the treatment, please make sure that you do not drink any alcohol. You should also refrain from drinking coffee up to 4 hours before the treatment, as this stimulates the blood circulation.

After you have had your first microblading appointment, you should come back four weeks later for a follow-up treatment. This will then be done by our microblading professionals.

Are you interested? Then simply contact us in the salon with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

+43 1 3432 707 333

Laser Hair Removal

Unibrow, hairy legs or peach fuzz? You don’t have to worry about unwanted hair anymore, because our salon in the 5th district of Vienna offers laser treatment with the highly efficient, super fast and skin-friendly laser type H, a diode laser that is more effective than IPL lasers (weaker lasers). From the face, to the bikini line, to the legs, you can laser the hair you can no longer see!

How long does the laser treatment take?

You have to come for treatment about 4 – 8 times until all hair is removed, depending on your skin type. The darker the hair, the better, as this makes it easier for the laser to detect and remove it more quickly. You should book your appointments at intervals of 4 – 6 weeks.

The younger you are, the faster the hair will grow back. Normally, laser treatment lasts for a few years and only a few hairs will grow back before you need a touch-up.

What do I need to consider before laser treatment?

There are a few things you should consider before your treatment.

  • Do not use sunbeds before your treatment as this can cause burns, also the darker your skin, the harder it is for the laser to detect the hairs.
  • Come shaved with 1 – 2 days of stubble so that the laser can get to the root very easily, since if the hair is too long the laser will not be able to get to the root.
  • Do not apply deodorant as it usually contains alcohol, which can cause burns when the laser is applied.

There is even the option to shower and shave in our salon, so if you forget to get ready, you can do so in the salon.

What do I need to be aware of during the laser treatment?

After the treatment the skin is irritated, so you should pay attention to the following:

  • You should not use sunbeds after the treatment.
  • You should not go swimming or go out in the sun for 72 hours.
  • Use soothing creams or cooling gels to moisture the irritated skin.
  • After treatment, you can exfoliate yourself at home as this will help the hair to fall out more quickly, it takes 7-10 days for the hair to fall out after treatment.

After laser treatment you need to be careful with your skin, which means that it is important what skin care products you use. The skin needs soothing and cooling lotions, which moisturises and soothes the skin. You should also keep your skin care fairly simple and only use gentle cleansers, moisturising creams and sunscreens.

Personal vouchers – the perfect gift

Bring your loved ones some joy in these uncertain times and surprise them with a voucher for a beauty treatment in our salon! As a birthday or Christmas gift or as a small token of gratitude.

Gift something special – an experience, some me-time.

ThePerma – Voucher:

  • The perfect gift for various occasions
  • Add a personal message
  • Different motifs for you to choose from
  • Voucher from €50 up
  • Quick and easy – get the voucher via email
  • Usable for every treatment at ThePerma Vienna

Click here and order your gift certificate now!

How do the online courses work?

  • Manage your own time
  • Learn when and where you want
  • We deliver your kit to your home

Educational Platform:

After successful course purchase on our website, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions on how to obtain access to the educational platform. After you have followed the instructions, you’re ready to get started with your course!

Learning Material:

On the platform you will find theory topics like:

  • Skin analysis & Patch test
  • Aftercare & Healing process
  • Color theory
  • Client consultations

There is also video and visual material, which can be accessed at any time within the duration of the course.
You will also receive your kit with all the products you need for your training sent to your home.


There are level by level tasks to complete, which you send to me via WhatsApp or Viber. Here you also have the opportunity to ask questions along with a photo. I will answer you daily with suggestions for improvement, tricks or a confirmation for the next level.
When you have completed all levels (8-11, depending on the course), you will receive your well-deserved certificate.
I will be by your side throughout your training with tips & help in mastering all levels!

Registration step by step:

  • Choose your course here
  • Choose if you are booking as a private person or as a company.
  • Complete your data
  • Choose your preferred payment method
  • Place your order