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Everything you need to make sure clients understand before getting microblading done

Everything you need to make sure clients understand before getting microblading done

Microblading lately became a top trend for pointing real beauty and giving the face a new dimension. As microblading artists we have the chance to deal with different kind of people, starting from personality, to skin type and structure, taste, skintone, skin complexion and much more. This is why we have to inform clients very well about all aspects of microblading, what to expect and what to follow for best results possible. Many times people have weird expectations and think they know better that the artist that is professionaly qualified to do this, and we need to learn the polite way to make them understand there are some rules to follow, making them aware of every single point about this procedure and leaving them feel confident to trust us with their face, which we all know is not an easy thing. To avoid complaints, panic attacks with hundreds of post-treatment questions and shocks, requests for changes to be made and lots of headaches, here are the crucial things that must be presented to clients that consider to do microblading, making sure they fully understand all of them. This way clients will be more knowledgeable about the whole process and avoid any complications or misunderstandings.

There are some rules when it comes to creating the eyebrow shape

First and very important to point is that in microblading the shape is created following a golden proportion in according to the facial expression, not after the clients or artists personal taste. Sometimes you will have clients that are used to a shape that doesn’t match their face at all, but they simply wear it for years and got used to it, so they will want you to follow that. Never ever do something you know is wrong, just because the clients wanted it that way. Your clients are your walking advertisement, and you don’t want a result looking like that. Instead, try to pre-draw the proper shape with pencil and show them how beautiful proportional brows can look like. If they still can’t get used to it, fill in the created shape with pencil and send them home, they will have enough time to look at it and see how much better their face looks with proportional eyebrows. It is normal for people to find it hard to get used to something new, even if it’s better as it’s an emotional shock for them so it takes time for the clients to understand it. After that, they usually fall in love with their new brows.  Always help your clients understand that it’s not about what is easy, but what is right.

The results vary on clients skin type and lifestyle

Second and very important to inform clients is that the results vary on clients skin type and lifestyle. A client can not expect eyebrows the same as their friend, mother, sister etc, although they are done by the same artist. Microblading can last anywhere between one year to three years. There are many factors that play in role in the final effect, and those are not in a full control of the artist. First is aftercare process. If clients don’t follow the proper routine suggested by the professional that performed the treatment, you can’t expect a good and lasting results.  There are many other aspects that also affect the final healed results like the skin type, hard sweating, sun exposure, using chemical peels often etc. Clients have to understand that healed results vary based on the different lifestyle and in case they do most of the previously noted things, to remain the color fresh they can do touch up when neccesary.

It is normal eyebrows to be darker the first days

Third and I guess one of the most important facts to let clients know, is that their brows will appear a lot darker than what they may expect, so no need to panic or try to touch it in order to lighten it. That is normal because the pigment is still positioned on top of your skin and has not yet settled in completely. As time is passing the color will gradually get lighter, starting to perfectly match client’s natural tone. So it requires to be patient, and you will get perfectly natural looking brows.

Clients should know when to book their appointement

A thing of top importance for clients is to know not to book their appointment for a day after having a party that includes alcohol.  Alcohol is a blood thinner, If the client is drinking alcohol before coming for the appointement or the night before, it will just happen them to bleed more, which is not reccomended at all and can impact the results of the procedure.  This is why clients should not drink alcohol 24 hours before treatment.

Touch up procedure is not an option but mandatory for best effect possible

Microblading procedure includes two steps: the initial procedure and a touch up, which is very important because it is the procedure that “locks in” the effect, fixes everything that needs to be fixed for the brows to look flawless. Most people require two sessions to get the best results of microblading procedure, so it’s not an optional thing but something that has to be done if you want good result, which everyone does. For best possible effect it is the best to do the touch up with the same artist. The artist knows your skin already, knows what happened and will work on a familiar situation. Touch up is done in around 6 weeks after the treatment, not sooner than that. This is something you have to consider before doing the treatment. If you think you won’t be able to do it after 6 weeks, for example you will travel or something, than try to schedule an appointement for a different day. The touch up procedure will show you the full effect of microblading and give the additional touch where needed for maximum beauty for your brows.

Clients should plan their time and activities accordingly before booking a treatment

Microblading can take few hours. Don’t book your appointement if you are in a hurry and have something important scheduled right after. How long the procedure will last, depends on the particular client, considering skin type, brow situation before the procedure and much more. The artist doesn’t want you to rush to finish faster, so make sure you have enough time and patience for the procedure to be performed profesionally.  Clients should avoid getting their new brows wet for a week. You must know this before considering booking appointement. This is why you have to plan your time and not book it right before your vacation or right before activities that include contact with water. Aftercare is the most important part of the results and if you don’t follow this, it won’t heal the way it is supposed to.

Botox and fillers can affect the proper eyebrow measurment

If the client already has botox or fillers then it is suggested you wait until it wears off and the surface to be as near natural as possible. This is to prevent the eyebrows being created in a slightly higher or closer position. This way, you will know the exact position of the natural eyebrows, as botox injector can enhance the position. It is safe to have treatment 2 weeks after Botox, but consider that natural eyebrow position may still be altered.It would be the best to let Botox wear off completely usually takes around 3-4 weeks, and then do the treatment. As you are using natural brow position to guide placement of pigment, it might be better to make any judgments without the Botox on board.

Clients must choose the artist wisely

And last but the most important part – Do your research before getting the procedure done. Microblading is performed exclusively and only by certified artist for that particular procedure. There are many self-trained people that do this procedure without proper training and try to advertise their work with someone’s else photos. Make a deep research about the artist you choose, it should be a person with a deep knowledge of beauty, knowing a lot about skin and skin structure. Make sure it’s their portfolio and the photos are their work. This way you can fully trust your artist, and instead of suggesting how things should be done let them do it at the most professional and the only proper way.

- Vesna Jugović

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