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Grand Master Vesna Jugović

VEsna Jugović

I am a creative Out-Of-The-Box Thinker, specializing in Cosmetics and Permanent Make-Up. I have always been strongly fascinated with art and beauty from a very early age, and this passion has kept me going into pursuing a career in this field. After finishing Medical Technical School in 2006, I knew I wanted to extend my knowledge in the beauty sector. For me beauty comes in different forms. Everyone has their own form of beauty, it’s just a matter of discovering and enchanting it and that’s the aim of a true artist. My mission was to add value to my knowledge every single day, sharpen my skills in this industry and learn from the best only, so this is how I was drawn to the innovative education of PhiAcademy and PhiBrows.

My passion for beauty is clear driver to my current accomplishments. When entering the beauty world, I had a clear vision, to make a significant impact there. Practicing every day created my confidence in the world of microblading, and confidence was empowering me to never stop learning. Speaking three languages as German, English and Serbo-Croatian helped me share my vision with my students and my colleagues, creating a value that will leave an impact. Gaining the tittle PhiBrows Master in 2015, was only an extra motivation for me to grow as an artist. Following this, PhiAcademy Vienna was born. It took lots of work and dedication to put it all together, but I enjoyed every moment of it. For more than two years now I’ve been representing PhiAcademy Vienna, having held various educations with thousands of students from all over the world and many happy clients also.

For me success is about creating value so this is why I also started creating new techniques, sharing it with my students in order to achieve extraordinary results. PhiShading technique was created as a result of all my knowledge and experience, and most of all ambition to never stop learning and improving. This technique became a huge trend, as combined with microblading creates results that look absolutely realistic. Following to this, PhiShading educations were the next step, as sharing all these tips and tricks with my students made their work progress to a whole new level. Later on I was also part of uniPHIcation technique, combination from few techniques merged into one skill, helping students expand their horizons in the world of microblading.

At Masterclass 2017, I received the award Best Master in the World, giving me a confirmation that I’m creating an impact in what I do. For me the greatest award is creating something you’re proud of and those are my students. Helping them grow into amazing artist is the biggest satisfaction for me.
Today I hold the tittle Grand Master of PhiAcademy. Remembering the steps of my journey until coming this far, I realize finding your passion isn’t about finding your careers only, it’s about finding your authentic self. Only practice determines the caliber of your performance and this is why my educations are followed by special practice and ongoing support for my students. I explain them daily that the purpose of an artist is to magnify the beauty that already exists, and to see this beauty you need to be passionate about what you do.

Even today I always try to put a new dimension to my technique and never stop learning. I just want to continue breaking barriers and show the industry that beauty is diverse, and everyone can have their place if they find their true passion.



It was very pleasant and an honour to meet two amazing and warm Masters Mensura Megy Hodzic and Vesna Jugovic. Thank you for your support, honesty and hospitality. I very appreciate it indeed. Thank you both for encouraging me and letting me believe in myself more! Looking forward to meet you in the nearest future.

- Asta Kazakevicien


Mein Microblading wurde von Amela durchgeführt, ich war sehr begeistert! Das Studio ist sehr schön, die Arbeit wird steril durchgeführt, Amela ist sehr freundlich. Nach meiner ersten Behandlung war leider nicht mehr viel sichtbar, weil meine Haut einiges abgestoßen hat, nach der ersten Nachbehandlung war das Ergebnis perfekt. Ich kenne kein Studio in Österreich, das Microblading so natürlich hinbekommt. Ich werde auf jeden Fall wieder kommen, vielen Dank!

- Isi Maria Huber


Seitdem ich von Microblading gehört habe dachte ich mir das will ich! Nur wohin gehen? Habe dann dank dieser fb Bewertungen PhiBrows gefunden und bin so glücklich darüber :) War bei beiden Damen und war beide Male sehr zufrieden :) Schmerzen spürt man nach der Betäubungssalbe gar keine - nicht zu vergleichen mit tattoowieren :) Ich kann dieses Studio mit Überzeugung weiterempfehlen! Sehr freundliches Personal, sehr hygienisches und modernes Studio alles top :) Und es sieht so natürlich aus nein also ich bin begeistert und aus! :)

- Stefanie Posset


Course was excellent! Vesna is a great teacher and artist. I would like to thank her for her support and dedication.

- Ana Schmidt

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