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Everything you need to know before considering to learn microblading

Everything you need to know before considering to learn microblading

As a person involved in the advanced beauty industry for years, I pretty often meet people that want to learn microblading, considering it as a future profession, but are very sceptic or not well informed about the process and everything it takes in order to master it. This is why starting my blog regarding this topic, I felt like it’s my top priority to first distinguish some facts about microblading and give you a clear picture about the process, from many different aspects, talking about the biggest myths and delusions some people have regarding this subject. It’s very important to do a good research before committing to learn anything new, especially when it comes to semi-permanent procedures as microblading is. One of my biggest concerns for the indistry nowadays, is that microblading started being presented as something you can learn in 2-3 days and immediately take clients. I know this sounds great, actually too good to be true. In reality, it requeres a professional education and a certain time to do so, or you will end up being dissapointed with unhappy clients, that will make you step out of the game immediately, and I’m sure you don’t want it. The truth is, offering this kind of service requires a whole set of skills and professional quidance. Nothing happens in 2 days, it’s not magic, but reality, and it takes time and patience. Microblading is both science and art, and having clients means these people are trusting you with their face, so you need to have the proper knowledge and technique in order to do so.

This is actually why our microblading education, after the live training, is supporting students for the period of 6 months dialy, offering you a unique learning atmosphere, making sure they know every single aspect of the process. Second and very important is knowing the fact that microblading is not only learning about the basic techniques, tips and products. If you want to successfully function in this industry, you need to have knowledge much deeper than that. As you seek out educations to participate, be sure to fully research everything about your mentor, and don’t rely solely on a simple certification in microblading. If you’re entering the industry, you must also learn about the fundamentals of skin structure and typology, client management and self-motivation. To do so you need to consider learning from someone experienced in the beauty industry generally, with advanced knowledge about all these aspects, that will pass that experience to you, and that means someone with multiple interests in the beauty industry and most important of all, someone with the enthusiasm to invent and create something new. We often see people that are having a good microblading technique, but struggle to detect the skin type and suggest proper aftercare, struggle to manage proper communication with clients, or have the problem to promote themselves.

This is why our educations are a whole package of all that, starting from the full microblading process knowledge, leading to communication, promotion, skin education and much more. We believe you can only be successful if you are a whole package, and only this way you are ready to rock in the industry and that’s why we provide you all that. A very important aspect to also consider, is to understand that microblading is not a one-time, but a never ending process. If you want to work with microblading you need to commit of continuous skills upgrade, practice and progress. It is not something that you learn once and you are in your comfort zone with no needs to worry. Your mentor must present you this process as a persistent grow. After you learn microblading, you are constantly perfecting your skills and you learn new advanced techniques.

The world is changing dialy, the trends are always different and the only way to grow is to follow and anticipate it. People are different, beauty is diverse and we have to have to offer something for every single customer. As you can see microblading is all about proper approach and education. It means you have to find someone who sees the creativity and potential inside you, and helps you bring it out of you, the best way possible. We don’t want to impose you with our vision, but we want to help you reveal your own. We teach you how to think, not what to think. I don’t look at you as students, but as heroes that decided to make their dreams come true. To the world you may be just a student, but for me you are a hero! The secret of my education lies in respecting the student. I love teching, and I strongly believe mentors who love teaching , teach students how to love learning.

Till my next post, believe in the future of your dreams and choose the best way to fulfill them.

- Vesna Jugović

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