LashesLifting and BrowsLifting

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16. Oct, 2021 - 16. Oct, 2021 - PhiAcademy Vienna

Gartengasse 8/8, 1050 Vienna, Austria

From 890 € Plus VAT, shipping and other costs

Booking: LashesLifting and BrowsLifting

From 890

16.10.2021 - 16.10.2021

PhiAcademy Vienna

LashesLifting &   BrowsLifting

What is LashesLifting?

Eyelash lifting is a method in which the natural eyelashes are lifted and fixed, making them more curved, longer and stronger. This combination offers a particularly natural result. Depending on the natural eyelash growth cycle, an eyelash lift can last 6-9 weeks.  

What is BrowsLifting?

BrowsLifting  is a fixation of the individual hairs of the eyebrows.  

These are strengthened and shaped so that they retain a certain styling for several weeks. The eyebrows can then be combed and styled in all directions. This method can work wonders, in particular for people with very narrow eyebrows and sparse hair.

Who is this course for?

This course is well suited for beginners, as one learns the lash- and brow-lifting techniques from scratch.

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