The PhiBright combines the classic microneedling with the PhiBright to meet individual customer needs.

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  • 3 techniques
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What is PhiBright?

PhiBright combines classic microneedling with PhiBright to meet individual customer needs.


In microneedling, fine needles reach into the uppermost layers of the skin to activate the natural processes of collagen production and regeneration. In the area of the most significant wrinkles, micropunctures are made by hand. A microneedling device is used for larger areas.


The innovative PhiBright calculator in the PhiApp calculates one of 1200 possible combinations, which are especially suited for certain needs, in less than 3 seconds,. This makes it possible to create completely personalized serum cocktails for the skin of every customer – for every skin problem, for every skin type.

Who is this Course intended for? How do I choose the right Kit?

The PhiBright course is suitable for those with no previous knowledge of microneedling as well as for those with experience. You can choose between the kit that includes the Simplicity Artist* or the Simplicity Master** machine. If you already own one of the two machines, you can also choose a kit without machine.

* Simplicity Artist is a machine with basic features, a good solution for beginners.
** Simplicity Master is a machine with a strong German drive and thanks to Korean perfectionism is the quietest machine with the least vibration on the market. Extra charge: 350€ (excl. VAT).
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