PhiBrows Basic

Learn the microblading technique with us!

What can you expect?
  • Practicing on latex
  • Color theory
  • PhiBrows kit of your choice
  • Live Course, 2-day duration
  • Support via the CraftMaster App

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PhiBrows   Basic

What is PhiBrows?

Learn the microblading technique with us!

Microblading is a manual technique in the eyebrow area where strokes are applied. This means that individual hairs are hand-drawn in a very realistic and natural manner. In PhiBrows, the perfect shape for the eyebrows is calculated based on the golden ratio (1.618 Phi) and the face morphology. By using the PhiApp you can determine the symmetry/matching shape of the eyebrows.

Who is this Course intended for? How do I choose the right Kit?

PhiBrows Basic Course is suitable for beginners because the microblading technique and its corresponding theory is also taught in the course. This course is also great for advanced practicioners because we offer various kits for those who already have some experience or have already completed one of our courses.

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