PhiLashes Beginner Russian Volume

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  • 1 day live course
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  • 6 months of support via the Craft Master app
  • Work on a model
  • Volume Premium Kit

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Russian Volume
PhiLashes   Beginner

What is Russian Volume?

“Russian Volume” is a new, Russian trend in the world of eyelashes, which leads to an extra thick and voluminous result.

In contrast to the 1: 1 method, in which a single artificial eyelash is glued to a natural eyelash, the volume technique teaches “multi-lashing”: 2-8 (or more) very thin and fine artificial eyelashes are joined together like a fan and then applied to a natural eyelash. This method allows you to create sets of up to 700 individual eyelashes per eye!

Who is this course for?

  • Experienced eyelash stylists who have mastered the 1: 1 technique and have at least 6 months of experience. If someone has insufficient experience, their last piece of work must be checked by the Master.
  • Eyelash stylists certified in the volume technique who want to improve, expand or refresh their knowledge and skills.

A copy of the certificate or the last piece of work must be sent together with the booking.

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