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Monday motivation – master Vesna Jugovic

Monday motivation – master Vesna Jugovic

“I want to share with you one of my first works and my last one.

Between these 2 works is lot of fear, practice, many models, many clients, many mistakes, a lot of stress, many unsatisfied clients, clients who wanted to remove the brows, clients who texted me all day, all night, with bad postreatment care, bad healed results, with deep or not precise work. And yes, this is normal for all beginers!

We learn on our mistakes, we learn on our clients, we learn how to recognise those clients who will make problems, we learn how to tell them NO, we learn that every time we have that feeling in our stomach- “Bad Butterflies” about some client, that we will not accept that client and not do the treatment..

And this is all what all beginers need to expect.
But this is something that will help you to build you reputation, your technique, your progress.

Then you will understand that there is no job in the world where we don’t make mistakes, there is no progress in a job without fear, there is no great technique without practice.

Just don’t give up!

Don’t think: “I can’t do this, this is to hard.”
You can and you will ?

Think possitive ?
And remember one thing:

All Masters and all amazing artist were in your place a couple of years ago.

I wish you a great and successful Moday!”

- Vesna Jugović

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