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Bold Brows Perfection Training

This technique, inspired by unplucked eyebrows, is suitable for clients
who would like to have thicker and more volumized eyebrows,
maintaining a natural eyebrow look. It is a trend also known as bushy,
fluffy or „Hollywood“ eyebrows.

Students receive a Bold Brows starter kit that includes

  • 4x disposable PhiBrush tool eccentric
  • 1x skin candy ( 50 pieces)
  • 3x blank skin simulation
  • 1x block tonic whipes
  • 1x phi asept wipes (20 pieces)
  • 1x self adhesive pigment container
  • 1x higi mask
  • 1x pencil shape

Students have access to the CraftMaster Pro application for Bold Brows and enjoy the support of the Master for 3 months.
The price of the online course, including the Bold Brows kit, access to the CraftMaster Pro application and the support of the Master, is € 1000, – (plus VAT & Shipping).

It is not mandatory to be a PhiBrows student, as long as you have basic microblading knowledge and a goal to learn.

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Bold Brows Education (online)

The “bold brow look” today is highly requested, and many clients are going to seek out your services to have their eyebrows look this way. According to latest trends, the technique to fuller-looking bold brows with a hint of an arch is an amazing way to achieve fresher look. Creating a proper bold brows pattern requares advanced training followed by a professional guidance and mentoring. Considering that this technique is extremely popular today and the interest is extremely high , we created Bold Brows online education, that will quide you how to master this specific technique, with no limits regarding location or registration deadlines, making PhiAcademy Bold Brows education available worldwide.

Key benefits of this education are saving traveling costs and learning from the comfort of your own home, no matter the place or time. You can enroll to this education anytime you want and feel ready. When you can not travel to the classroom, we bring the classroom to your home. Online Bold Brows education includes everything as the live education, presented via our special learning system, and is very interactive way of learning where you sumbit your practice works to your mentor, step by step, mastering all aspects of bold brows technique.

Participating this education you receive Bold Brows starter kit and get access to Bold Brows Craft Master Application which containts multiple different lectures and materiels that will lead you through your learning process with unconditional support for 3 months. During this period you will have dialy communication with Grand Master Vesna, anytime you need, in order she to monitor your progress and help you learn this technique step by step.

This training covers many topics, not covered with any other training before as how to create different bold brow patterns such are: soft bold, spine 6 bold, extreme bold male brows, asian bold style and many more. The lectures also cover how to pick a shape and thickness that is in proportion to the face. It will give you a proper training to create very small miniature hairs, drawn between almost every lower hair in order to achieve the thicker bold brow look. This way you will learn how to fill in the areas of the eyebrows that look empty. Bold Brows education also includes training for creating S curved strokes, a unique skill that will help you create a bolder brow in situations when the client has over-plucked eyebrows. By learning this technique you will achieve more natural strokes and stay in touch with the top trends in the field.

Bold Brows online education is open for all students from all over the world, all that matters is a passion to keep developing your skills and learn something new. It is not mandatory to be a PhiBrows student, as long as you have basic microblading knowledge and a goal to learn. The education is considering both begginers in the industry and experienced professionals who want to refresh their knowledge and learn something different and unique. You can practice and sumbit work whenever you want and from any place or time, so you totally manage your own time and learning process. This self management experience will also help you a lot regarding client management and managing your own business. After completing this education you also get certificate of attendance of Bold Brows which is a great addition to your professional portfolio.

Natural brow look currently dominates the trends all embraced by the bold brow style, proving that this trend is here to stay! Don’t miss the opportunity to learn this technique and put your skills to a completely new level.

Success requires learning as fast as the world is changing – Grand Master Vesna Jugovic

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