Due to the protective measures against the corona virus announced by the government, unfortunately not all course dates can be kept.

Depending on how the situation develops, new dates will be announced.


PhiPerfection is a training for already certified PhiBrows artists who want to expand their knowledge in this area. PhiPerfection addresses frequent artists’ problems. New spine patterns, as well as different stroke arrangements are taught.

It is important to emphasize that you must be a PhiBrows Artist (or PhiBrows student, at least on level 8) in order to participate in the course.

The student gets a kit that contains: 3 packages of Disposable Tools, 1 Stroke Marker, 1 package of PhiShield Skin Candy (50 pcs), 1 PhiBrows Marker Pen, 3 pieces of latex and 2 Anti shock Creams, access to the course on the CraftMaster App and the support of the Master for 3 months.

The price of this training is € 1100, – (plus VAT & Shipping).

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PhiPerfection Education (online)

PhiPerfection Online Education is advanced training for eyebrow drawing held by Grand Master Vesna Jugovic, made for PhiBrows artists who have already been skilled in microblading and want to expand their knowledge in this field. You can enroll to PhiPerfection online education from all over the world. It is important to emphasize that you must be a PhiBrows Artist (or PhiBrows student, at least on level 8) in order to participate in the course.

This training includes intensive structured online learning, where we focus on improving your technique, fixing mistakes and learning new tips and tricks, with our unique learning system- Craft Master App support for 3 months, which will help you understand all novelties in details and practice it in order to improve your technique. We always make sure that each student get more knowledge,more practice and much more confidence than before, which is the main goal of PhiPerfection.

Instead of you coming to a classroom, we bring the classroom to you, thanks to the technology progress. Key benefits of this training are saving huge costs for travelling, and bringing all lectures and material to you at the comfort of your own home. No particular date to start, as you can enroll to this course whenever you decide and from any location of the worlds. Lectures are available to you 24/7, and you can organize your time as you prefer. You sumbit questions and concerns to Grand Master Vesna anytime and she will support you, guiding you in your practice and learning. What is more, there are no any limits regarding location, as the course is available worldwide and can be followed from any place with to exceptions.

At this education we focus on the problems that artists face in this field, such are drawing the eyebrow according to the face shape, skin types, post-treatment care, refreshing old works, how to get more clients, covering your common mistakes and personal struggles in order you to become more confident.Novelties that are learned on this training also are: drawing different spine patterns (different hairs disposition), as asian spine, upper spine, S pattern etc. Grand Master Vesna will go over this patterns with you, sharing useful tips and advices, so you can enrich your knowledge and add variety of options in your technique. The training covers different segments as practise on latex(skin simulation), brow Alopecia (drawing hairs on people that lost their brows due to Alopecia), Male brows technique, as well as Color theory.

After the successful completion of this course you will get a valuable Certificate of attendance of PhiPerfection Training. Perfection is a never ending process, but if we chase perfection we will catch excellence. Improve yourself and your career by taking advantage of this training, boost your confidence and offer your clients something new. Growth never stops, you always have the potential to keep progressing and laying the foundation for your best self. We’ll never know your full potential unless you push yourself to find it.

Passion for your job, puts perfection to your work – Grand Master Vesna Jugovic

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