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PhiShading Perfection Training

PhiShading is a combination of microblading and manual shading. The method is intended mainly for people who have lost their eyebrows due to a disease (cancer, alopecia …), as well as for those who have destroyed the hair roots by excessive plucking of the eyebrows.

In PhiShading, first the strokes is drawn with a larger distance between each other (microblading). This allows us to get a natural look. Then the shading is added over the spine and between the strokes.

Our manual shading courses have been developed to share our knowledge and experience with you. It is important to emphasize that you must be a PhiBrows Artist (or PhiBrows student, at least on level 8) in order to participate in the course.

Live (€ 1300, – plus VAT)
During the training you get a starter kit for PhiShading.
After the One-Day Manual Shading Training, you will have access to the CraftMaster Pro application for PhiShading for 3 months and will be supported by the Master.

Online (€ 1000, – plus VAT & Shipping)
The online training lasts 3 months. Once you get the starter kit, you can start practicing.
The students are supported and supervised daily by the Master. After successfully completing all levels, the student receives a certificate of attendance.

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PhiShading Education (online)

Even after sharpening your skills in microblading, there are many other inovative techniques that combined with microblading provide much more natural and defined look. Top technique from this calibar is PhiShading, an advanced technique exclusively invented by Grand Master Vesna Jugovic, following her ambition to create a new solution that combined with microblading will provide more natural and realistic looking results. PhiShading education is now available online on Craft Master App, exclusively leaded by Grand Master Vesna Jugovic. When you don’t have the time and resources to attend live education, or you just prefer learning from the comfort of your own home and manage your time as you want, that’s when we bring the classroom atmosphere to your own place, exclusively by our unique learning system Craft Master.

PhiShading Online Education is unique structure education that includes special practice and high skills development, and all that at your own leisure with no additional cost. Motivated by the idea of constant progress and the huge interest about this technique we made this education available online, to make PhiShading technique available to everyone at the world, and completely transform your creative vision and skills. No more waiting for a particular date and waiting for us to come to your conuntry. Now you can learn whenever you want and from wherever you want, organizing your own time. PhiShading Online Education is leaded by Grand Master Vesna Jugovic who is a exclusive developer of this technique, and also honered with the award Best Master in the world by PhiAcademy for 2017.

There is no particular date or deadlines to enroll to this education, and you can choose when you want to start. By participating PhiShading Online education, you receive the PhiShading Kit and you get acess to The PhiShading Craft Master Application, which is our unique learning tool, designed to facilitate and monitor your continued learning process and practice with unconditional support for 3 months. During this period you communicate with Grand Master Vesna on a dialy basis, anytime possible, as she is constantly guiding you through all practice and theory that this technique includes.

This education is performed with 24/7 support from your mentor as you follow various advanced video and photo materials and professional lectures, to strenght your skills. You submit your work through the app, as there are instructions for your practice step by step and the mentor is reviewing your work, pointing on what to put special attention and in which segment to focus practicing.

PhiShading online education is a high value education which covers various topics and problems. It provides solutions previously not covered by any other training in this segment, regarding different areas as: covering old pmu with shading, creating new patterns , soft shading, achieving ombre effect with shading, proper combination of shading&strokes, asian shading style and how to fix sharp contours on the eyebrows . It also includes lectures about how to add shading for clients who have alopecia and clients who have very thin or very little eyebrow hair. This training will also guide you how to implement shading technique for clients who have unbalanced hair through their brows, which results with inconsistence at some parts of the brow and how to fix this issue with soft shading at those particular parts. By Participating this training, you will also gain the skills to create fuller eyebrow look, great for clients that prefer the makeup effect which can not be achieved with microblading only. Our lectures will teach you how to add more dimension to the eyebrows by doing the shading where natural hairs would normally overlap, creating a soft роwdеrеd еffесt that rеѕеmblеѕ еуеbrоw реnсіl оr powder.

It is important to emphasize that you must be a PhiBrows Artist (or PhiBrows student, at least on level 8) in order to participate in the course. It doesn’t matter how long you are in this sector, the PhiShading training course is suitable for both beginners and professionals who desire to further understand eyebrows and develop the skills to expertly shade and shape different styles. After completing this education you also get certificate of attendance of PhiShading which is a great addition to your professional portfolio.

Never stop learning, when we stop learning, we stop growing !

Step outside your comfort zone and learn something new – Grand Master Vesna Jugovic

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