PhiLashes Extension   Do’s and Don’ts

You’re excited about your new lash extensions and can’t wait to show them off? Not so fast! There are a few Dos & Don’ts you need to think of both before and after treatment to ensure the best results. Otherwise, you risk those fancy new lashes falling off, and we don’t want that!


  • Don’t wear any make-up on your lashes and make sure they are clean (we will also wash your lashes and the area around your eyes with PhiFoam and PhiWipes)
  • Don’t wear any contacts
  • Don’t dye your lashes right before the treatment

Post Treatment

When it comes to aftercare for your new lashes, there is a lot to think about. Right after treatment, you need to be sure to keep the lashes dry, so the glue, with which they are applied, can completely dry. Then there are things to consider regarding your makeup and cleansing routine. Here is a list of what you need to take into consideration.

  • Make sure your lashes remain dry for 24-48 hours after treatment
  • Avoid heat, steam and excessive sweating during this time: No hot showers, sauna, swimming or sun beds
  • Try and aim the hair dryer away from your face
  • Don’t use any waterproof mascara on the lash extensions
  • Don’t rub your eyes or pull at your lashes
  • Don’t use an eyelash curler
  • Don’t use any products containing oil around your eyes
  • Don’t perm or tint your extensions (no LashesLifting)
  • Cleanse your lashes 2-3 times a week with a pH-neutral solution such as PhiLashes Foam to clean away dirt and oil build up
  • When using makeup removal wipes, be sure to only use fuzz-free products, no cotton pads or towels
  • Comb your lashes every day with the PhiLashes Mascara Wand
  • Try to sleep on your back or get a silk pillowcase or eye mask
  • Ideally, you should get infills every 2-4 weeks

Watch out for an allergic reaction

If your eyes start swelling, you might be having an allergic reaction to the glue, which is composed of cyanoacrylate, water and black colouring. If an allergic reaction occurs, use eye cream or consult your doctor to get cortisone ointment.

How do you know your beautician is professional?

A professional beautician is important to ensure that your new lashes are of the highest quality and won’t simply fall out after a few days. Here are some tips, what to look out for in your beautician.

  • They pay attention to temperature and humidity in the treatment area: The room should be between 18 – 24 °C and 40 – 60% humidity
  • They pay attention to hygiene and a clean work environment
  • They wear a face mask and gloves
  • They attach the lashes only to your natural lashes, not the eyelid
  • Their work looks natural, and you don’t feel the lashes’ presence
  • They can be listed on the PhiAcademy World Map

Did you know?

The world of lashes is a fascinating one. Did you know, that we are constantly losing and regrowing lashes? Here are some interesting facts about eyelashes and PhiLashes treatment.

  • We lose 5-6 Lashes per eye each day
  • Lashes completely renew themselves within 60 to 90 days
  • Added lashes are usually twice as long as your own lashes
  • If you don’t clean your lashes regularly, you risk getting mites in your eyelashes

If you have any further questions regarding PhiLashes, contact our expert Kristina Lutz at kristina@philashes.com.