Due to the protective measures against the corona virus announced by the government, unfortunately not all course dates can be kept.

Depending on how the situation develops, new dates will be announced.

What is PhiPerfection?

What is PhiPerfection and how it is done?

The pursuit of continuously perfecting your skills is a constant process at any point of your journey as an artist. Driven by our philosophy of daily improvement, we created PhiPerfection lead by Grand Master Vesna Jugovic. PhiPerfection represents our philosophy of never-ending process of learning, showing you that excellence is not a destination but a journey that never ends. Main focus of PhiPerfection is showing you that, no just in microblading, but with everything you are trying to master in your life, training and learning does not have to stop after you get your certification, as that is just an extra motivation and responsibility to always improve and sharpen your skills to higher levels. PhiPerfection is advanced training for eyebrow drawing, made for artists that have already been skilled in microblading and want to expand their knowledge in this field, unlocking some new values in the world of microblading.

A very important aspect PhiPerfection is trying to present, is to help you understand that microblading is not a one-time, but a never ending process. If you want to work with microblading you need to commit of continuous research, skills upgrade, practice and progress. This is not something that you learn once and you are in your comfort zone with no needs to worry. This is a process of a persistent grow. After you learn microblading, you are constantly perfecting your skills and you learn new advanced techniques. The world is changing dialy, the trends are always different and the only way to grow is to follow and anticipate it. Biggest challenge of PhiPerfection education is to invent improve your technique, in a way that will make your work easier, follow the demands of clients and of course enrich your range of services, having something for every taste. People are different, beauty is diverse and we have to offer something for every single client.

PhiPerfection is an advanced training, possible both live and online through our special educational system Craft Master, which is our unique learning tool to support you and monitor your further progress with unconditional support for 3 months. It will help you gain the needed confidence to grow into an experienced artist, teaching you how to imrpovde your technique, self-management and client-management and how to master your skin-structure and skin-issues knowledge.

PhiPerfection is much more than a simple training, it is a motivational and highly educational program, which is a crucial step into bringing your value as an artist, to a whole new level.

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