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What is PhiShading?

What is PhiShading and how it is done?

PhiShading Technique is an advanced technique exclusively invented by Grand Master Vesna Jugovic, following her ambition to create a technique that combined with microblading will provide more natural and realistic looking results. It is a unique performance technique that requires special practice and high skills in order to provide the desired results. The mаіn difference bеtwееn mісrоblаdіng and PhiShading іѕ that thе microbading technique gives a simulated hаіr affect, whеrеаѕ the PhiShading Technique on top of that also provides fuller look to the brow, creating a soft роwdеrеd еffесt that rеѕеmblеѕ еуеbrоw реnсіl оr powder, where іnѕtеаd of hair like ѕtrоkеѕ only, you also achieve a ѕоftеr and fullеr effect.

The main advantage of PhiShading technique compared to traditional microblading is a much more realistic look, provided by shading the gaps in between, created with microblading. The hair strokes after this technique and the special way of shading created, have a much more natural look versus the straight line. Just when we thought we had mastered the natural looking brow, you can now add the PhiShading technique. This technique gives even more dimension to the eyebrows providing subtle look while offering the shaded look where natural hairs would normally overlap.

This technique is done manually and it will visually help you create natural hairs look, as smooth shading that goes over spin and between the hairs will visually give us the dimension of natural eyebrow thickness.Because of the significant colour concentration, this method provides us results visible up to 18 months. PhiShading technique is a perfect way to give the eyebrows a natural effect that allows the client not to worry about shading them regularly. It’ s a new and top trend in the microblading world because it also makes the result to look absolutely realistic. When the manual shading technique is used, there are no sharp contours on the eyebrows. Professionally done, it gives a very natural result while defining and shaping the eyebrows.

PhiShading technique skills provide solutions previously not covered by any other technique in this segment in different areas as: covering old pmu with shading, creating new patterns, soft shading etc.
Grand Master Vesna Jugovic is a exclusive developer of this technique, which is becoming a top trend in the microblading world, as more and more clients are reaching for the natural but still fuller and defined eyebrow look. There are live and online educations available leaded by Grand Master Vesna, that will present you the technique of PhiShading, giving your work a whole new dimension and skills.

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