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  • rating

    Just perfection amazing teacher and work. Happy to have done the course with Vesna. ❤️

    – Bahar Kilicaslan, Germany

  • rating

    Learn a lot with the help of Master Vesna Jugovic!!! She is excellent!!!!!

    – Chrysa Fragouli, Greece

  • rating

    Im very much happy to you took time to came here in the Philippines to teach us. Very much honored to be one of your student. Microblading+Shading is my favorite technique to do on my clients. And my clients are also requesting it❤️ Im looking forward to see you again, Master. When this pandemic is over🙏🏼 Thank you so much for being an Inspiration to me and to the rest of your Microblading+Shading students. You’re one of the most humble and sweet person I know❤️ I miss you!

    – Jasmin Moslares, Philippines

  • rating

    I met Vesna in Sydney, Australia in 2017 at my very first Microblading training class. The class was huge and vibes were amazing, as everything was organised to perfection. I still cannot believe how much my life has changed since that day. I changed my career at 35 with two little boys, 2 and 4 years old. Today, I am living a life doing what I love and doing many brows. I feel so lucky to have Vesna as my Master then and today! moreMy first course experience was beyond amazing. Due to the time difference between Australia and Europe, Vesna was so active, prompt and responsive. I wont lie, the course isnt easy, but all good things come with hard work. Vesna is firm and she wont excuse any mistake on your work. At times, I found her really tough, but today, I cant appreciate it enough. I appreciate Vesna today and for every stroke she had failed me on my levels. Because of that, I am a succesfull artist and have many clients visit me across the state. I am a proud memeber of community and have continued to advance my skills with Vesna’s Shading course. Soon after that, I was promoted to a Royal Artist. Vesna has an incredible amount of patience. I didnt pass on my first model. It took me about 10 models but that shows that Vesna wasnt going to pass me to just finish my course. I think I was a tough student too. I wasn’t good at beginning at all. Poor Vesna, I don’t know how she did it with me. Hehe! Today, Vesna is not only my Master but my sister and a friend and I will always be grateful for her continuous encouragment. She is my mentor and someone I always feel comfortable to turn to for industry advice. I feel extremely lucky and whoever is lucky enough like me to get Vesna, will not regret it. If you show Vesna your determination, she will show you determination back. If you have days where you want to give up, like I did sometimes, she wont let you give up. You just need to put your heart into it and feel the passion. Thank you Vesna for everything. YOU really made a difference in my life and my family’s life. I am able to be my own boss and a mum at the same time and no day goes by where I don’t enjoy my work life.less

    – Sheyla Muratovic, Australia

  • rating

    My experience with Grand Master Vesna and the Masterclass course was one of the best experiences I have had. This course has catapulted me in my professional career and has given me the exposure I needed to advance in the industry. Grand Master Vesna is a sweet heart, someone that goes out of her way to ensure you are learning the techniques and skills you’ll need to succeed. I highly recommend her classes to all that are passionate with learning about the beauty industry.

    – Ana Milena Amaya, USA

  • rating

    It was June 2018 when I heard about phiacademy for the first time! I felt curious about this microblading technique, I started looking for more information and I found the ThePerma in Vienna! 🤩 here my life started to change! I looked for information for the Master who was there and immediately I felt a connection! booked my course in September 2018! Once in Vienna I was ready to participate in the course! everything was absolutely perfect ,I was so nervous! moreI was changing my life with a new profession! and at 30 years old with two children it was not easy to make that decision! But now almost 2 years later i can absolutely say it was the best choice of my life! the support I got from Vesna was amazing, and she got my back always,every time I need her she is there! Now I have a job that I love, and since that day I have not stopped growing professionally. for me the Microblading course with Vesna Jugovic was the best decision of my life!❤️less

    – Zografa Prenga, Albania

  • rating

    I never regret having made the trip from Marrakech to Vienna to learn your Shading technique, whatsoever, during training days or remote monitoring on the craft master you have always been very professional and attentive. Hope see you soon for an other training. Thank you so much Vesna Jugovic

    – Hajar Léon, Marokko

  • rating

    I was originally just an employee at a beauty spa. Though struggling to improve myself, I couldn’t find any teacher who fitted my demand on technique and quality. One day, I saw on the Internet of Grand Master, Vesna Jugovic’s masterpieces, then I was drawn to her page and was amazed at the vivid shape and line of the eyebrows. In the October of 2017, I visited Beijing for Vesna’s LIVE course. It was the beginning of my Mcroblading journey. moreVesna’s course was nothing but elegant and fantastic. During the two-day course, every segment indeed was a gift for me, that bestowed me a lot more than what I had learned before encountering Vesna. Even not a native English speaker, I can still follow the class with the interpreter. Vesna guided me with her hands, easing the sense of nervousness of mine, showing me the decent technique professionally. The caring and profession of Vesna have satisfied me so much in my learning process. Later on, online course and tests were what followed up. During the online learning process, Vesna not only replied to my messages as soon as possible, eliminating the possibility of learning delayed, but also corrected a lot of mistakes of mine; however, at the same time, praised me whenever I passed the tests. The teaching method of Vesna keeps my interests and arouses my motivation on being a browlist. Under the guidance of Vesna, I have successfully become qualified on Phibrows, Bold Brows, PhiShading, certifications. What is more, in January of 2020, I have become a royal artist! Were it not for the leading and compliments of Vesna, I wouldn’t have come so far to what I am now. I feel deeply grateful for my master, Vesna! Thank you so much!less

    – Yu Ying Chu, Taiwan